A Visit from Holland

by Oscar Hansen

Article first appeared in Rubber Stampin Retailer, February 2008

The owner of Door County Rubber Stamps LLC in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin describes the unexpected meeting of the minds that came about through online and print publicity for her store.

It was my pleasure to receive a phone call, followed up by a visit, from a group of very avid stampers and paper artists from the country of Holland.These ladies came through my doors with the enthusiasm of horses at the starting line at the Kentucky Derby. They were so excited to:

  1. be in the United States and
  2. be able to tour and shop an American store that they checked out in RubberStampMadness and online before they came.

One of the ladies owns her own rubber stamp store, and we were able to exchange stories about the rubber stamp business. It was interesting to hear what was popular in their land, and what they found exciting about our territory. The highest compliment came when I was requested to sell wholesale to them, thus bringing a bit of Door County, Wisconsin overseas to share with the stampers and artists living in Holland.

It is this type of relationship that develops out of the love of a mutual interest. Life is good!